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Our Care, Your Smile! It is our brand purpose.

“When we popped the world of the at-home teeth whitening industry, we didn’t like what we saw. Harmful ingredients that weren’t effective or safe for your smile. That’s why we’ve created two teeth whitening lines so that YOU have the choice to the brighter smile you’ve always wanted!”

As part of our revolution is a line which is 100% biodegradable & natural

because sustainability is essential to our product development. Saying that, Smile Up pays a special attention to its natural line from product to its craft packaging. 

And, while teeth whitening is our main thing we created products that do not contain a single % of hydrogen peroxide because we feel that your teeth deserves more respect, strength and less harm.  We opted for the new, non-invasive teeth whitening technology “PAP”, which cause minimal damage to enamel health. 

Smile Up have developed several products for different purposes including professional at home teeth whitening kits, daily care products which reinforce the enamel while offering teeth whitening solutions, and instant touch up products for special occasions.  

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We believe in beauty as a source of confidence and positivity.

Since its foundation in 2018, Smile Up is the first local company in Mauritius that have developed a teeth whitening line which is safe and effective while being pain and sensitive free. The company considers itself as the leader in At-Home Teeth Whitening solutions in Mauritius. 

All products and packaging from Smile Up Ltd are formulated and designed in Mauritius through thorough documentation, research and tests. Once products are formulated, the samples are tested by Smile Up expert team (a team of participants who are willing to try products and provide honest reviews) so that our products are improved before they are commercialized.  

Smile Up pay a special attention to the packaging process, hence it is why it’s selected packaging partner is follows strict quality control measures and ensures that all products are certified ISO22716, ISO13485, ISOR716, FDA, CE, GMP, ROHS, LVD, BPA Free, COA, RDA. 

Moreover while quality id essential in the product development, Smile Up Ltd creates product that are 100% Cruelty Free, FDA approved and CE. 

We believe in the power of your smile.

Healthier, Stronger, Whiter Teeth

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